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Home · Blog · Exotic Cars Blog : 5 Mistakes People Make – Luxury Car Rentals in Miami

ferrari-952529_1920Can you see yourself behind the wheel of a red-hot Ferrari cruising down A1A in gorgeous South Beach? Renting a luxury vehicle adds to the excitement and adventure when you’re on vacation. You figure that you can use any of the Luxury car rentals in Miami; especially since all luxury car rentals in Miami are going to be the same, right?

Slow down and stop right there! Before you make a common luxury car rental mistake, there are some things you should be privy to prior to making a reservation. For example, are you aware that a one-way rental will almost always cost more than a round-trip rental? Check out the list below for additional mistakes and tips for avoiding them.

Not Shopping Around – This is a HUGE mistake that many people make. Rental rates often vary widely between companies and locations. You will find fluctuating rates all over the place. You won’t find that by selecting a single place. Sure, renting a luxury car is going to carry a higher price tag than a Smart Car, but don’t get swindled into paying nearly double the price for the same vehicle.

Renting at the Airport – Renting at the airport is convenient, but you pay a premium for that convenience. These rentals are always more expensive than if you elect to rent from around town. Rent at an off-airport location. Not only is it more cost-effective, but also you won’t have to fight the crowds. Plan ahead, and as an added bonus, many rental places even provide airport transportation for free!

Not Inspecting the Car – You are entirely misguided if you place inspecting your car low on your totem pole of priorities. It is extremely important to thoroughly inspect your luxury rental car. Take a few minutes and carefully examine the exterior and interior of your rental. If any dings or scratches happen to be present, it would be wise to point them out to the car rental agent. Renting a luxury car does not need to extend to paying for damage inflicted by the previous renter.

Insurance – If you already have car insurance, then you might want to check your policy. Often, individuals carry insurance on their personal automobiles that allows them to forgo the car rental company’s insurance. Skip the exorbitant insurance fees and simply use your own!

Returning the Car Late – Did you know that rental cars charge you more than triple the rate for every hour you return your vehicle late? Often, they won’t even charge you for another day because the hourly rate puts more money into their pocket than the daily rate! If you know that you are going to be late, it is better to call, extend your rental, and then just stay an extra day. Otherwise, it is best to get your vehicle back a touch earlier than listed on your policy.

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