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Summer is almost here. Rent Convertibles in Miami. When you think of summer, you think of Miami. The palm trees. The beaches. Don’t forget about the luxury convertibles! If you want to do summer right in Miami, it could be that a convertible is what you’re missing. Super Cars of Miami has the convertibles available…

Driving a Ferrari around Miami sounds like a dream. However, would it be fun to drive one every single day? We LOVE Ferraris but there’s some drawbacks to actually owning a Ferrari. It’s Expensive Ferraris don’t have very good fuel economy. The gas gets expensive. Any replacement parts and maintenance of the vehicle can also…

Spring is quickly approaching, and it’s always an exciting time for Luxury Vehicle Rental in Miami. While the area doesn’t get all of the snow and cold weather as other places do, there’s always something about spring that gets you pumped. Maybe it’s the prelude of summer coming, or it’s just the fresh new season…

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