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Home · Blog · Exotic Cars Blog : Audi r8 rental Ft Lauderdale Florida

When looking for a rental car in the Miami area and you’re the type who goes for the good looking and sophisticated type, then there’s no doubt that this will appeal so much to you that you will never dream of looking at the others after you have found this – we are talking of the Audi r8 rental Ft Lauderdale Florida. Coupled with its elegant good looks is its tremendous ferocity. It can very well turn you on with its shocking acceleration and impressive braking.

This spectacular dream machine rivals any other supercars of its class as a daily drivable sports car. It lets you easily cruise through your day and your way with its fancy new smooth-shifting 7-speed dual clutch transmission. And even if you push it to its limit and you awaken its ferocious side, the “Quattro” badge on the dash provides a mental safety net of the reassurance of all-wheel grip. This is performance engineered to its fullest.

The inside cabin perfectly matches the visual drama of the exterior mainly because of details such as sweeping trim and a flat-bottomed steering wheel plus high-quality materials are employed throughout make for a luxurious experience. There’s also plenty of room for driver and passenger unlike in many cars of its kind which makes the interior more appealing. The low slung sport seats and a flat-bottom steering wheel give you that track-ready feeling every day.

Wouldn’t be driving away inside the Audi R8 your top idea of a car rental? Why settle for something else when you know you deserve to be with the cool elegance and gorgeous sophistication plus the tremendous power of an Audi R8?

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