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Making a car rental decision in Miami Beach is easy as one, two, three when you know you have set yourself wanting both the power to race and the beauty to turn heads – then you know you are ready to hop inside the Audi R8.

The Audi r8 rental Miami Beach Florida is currently the German’s automaker’s top of the line model that is based on the LeMans Quattro concept car. The lightweight aluminum construction of this mid engine super car weighed 3,500 lbs the first time it was introduced in 2006. This powerful dream machine could sprint from 0-60MPH in 4.4 sec.

Audi freshened the style of R8 and replaced the antiquated six-speed single clutch gear-box with the ultra modern seven-speed dual-clutch unit which has greatly improved efficiency and provides that smooth and quick shifts.

The R8 has remained one the most attractive supercars on the market because of the great mix of stirring driving dynamics, unbelievable practicality plus its undeniable good looks and appeal.

Taking a look at the aggressive mid-engine proportions to the extraordinary contrasting “blades” behind the doors, looking at the R8 will make you instantly know that you are staring at an exotic dream machine.

The heart of the R8 is the high-revving 4.2 liter engine that could deliver 430 horsepower at 7,900 rpm. Making the most of the R8’s power is a Quattro four-wheel drive system that distributes output variably to the front and rear axles by way of a viscous clutch. It is the best thing for acceleration and it also makes the R8 more sure-footed than many of its contemporaries especially in not so deal weather conditions.

You know you want both beauty and power so go on and check out the Audi R8 at Miami Beach.

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