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Car rental in South Beach is synonymous with Audi r8 rental South Beach Florida. It is because both brings a graphic representation of beauty and sophistication. The Audi R8 is an explosive blend of sheer presence and superb performance. An optional quick-shifting, seven-speed Audi S tronic transmission and Audi Quattro all-wheel drive deliver power to the road. When you throw in the low slung sport seats and a flat-bottom steering wheel that give you that track-ready feeling every day. Then you will instantly know that this is truly performance engineered to its finest.

If you are looking for a sports car that stand for the perfect blending between motorsports and daily use, then the Audi R8 is perfect for you. You can take it anywhere with you, whether you are just driving around to show it off on the boardwalks or if you go on a long-distance trip – the superb performance of this high-performance car always conveys on a dazzling figure.

When Audi finally presented a sports car that is deemed legal on the road in 2006, it did not just show some sports car – it showcased the Audi R8 that has the Le-Mans racing prototype’s name for a reason. Starting that historic day, the Audi manufactures 23 Audi R8 each day and each and every one of them with astonishing attention to details.

Finding beauty in the details is how to describe the Audi R8. Take a closer look and you will discover why it is worthy of the accolade. The interplay of the progressive lines through the subtle curves of its distinctive profile is really an aerodynamic genius. The brilliance of the details makes it delightful not just as being driven on an open highway but also in appreciating it much closer in your driveway.

So wouldn’t it be the perfect combination, the explosive performance and an exotic presence which means South beach car rental and the Audi R8?

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