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If you are vacationing on the beach or visiting Miami for business, what better way to experience the sunny coast of Miami, than to rent or lease an Audi R8. There is nothing like experiencing the rush of acceleration the Audi R8 can produce, with its mid mounted engines the 4.2L V8 or optional 5.2L V10, and super light aluminum frame. The choice is yours on which engine you would like, it just depends if you want 430 horsepower or 570 horsepower. The Audi R8 also comes with the patented Quattro all-wheel drive system that allows this car to achieve 60 mph in a scant 3.4 or 4.5 second run, depending on your engine choice. Whichever engine you choose, they both will propel you and your passenger with ease. The engines respond well to quick shifts, and before you know it, you are at the posted speed limit within seconds.

Open Air or Closed Cabin Experience with Exotic Car Rentals Miami FL

The Audi R8 comes in two trims, one being the hardtop coupe and the other trim is a drop top convertible. Some renters really enjoy the sportiness of a closed top coupe, making them feel like they are at the race track, behind the wheel of a racecar. The hardtop coupe is a little lighter than the convertible, and the hardtop roof is lined with a beautifully stitched suede headliner. Most people who visit Miami choose the drop top convertible. There is not a better way to appreciate the salt air and intriguing night life Miami has to offer, than to rent the Audi R8 convertible. When you climb into the Audi R8 convertible, push the start engine button, and hear the engine come to life. Once the engine is roaring, it’s time to push the top down button, and then you can hit the streets of Miami and soak up the sun or stars.

Lighting the Way

The Audi R8 lights up the night sky with its very bright white LED headlights and red taillights, ensuring that all traffic coming or going will see you. Not only do the headlights serve the purpose of helping you see the road, but they also add that luxury styling you come to love and recognize about the Audi R8.

Safety and Reliability

The Audi R8 offers its renters a very versatile coupe that can be quick and nimble but also easy to maneuver. The vehicle comes fully equipped with back up cameras to assist the driver when exiting a parking spot and the air bags strategically placed for your safety. The comfortable leather and suede seats keep its occupants planted securely in the car when driving around town. When you are behind the wheel, you have everything at the touch of a button. If you need to know how to get to that certain night club, or restaurant for dinner, you can use the fully integrated navigation system that Audi is famous for. When you are looking for a fun time on the streets of Miami, you cannot go wrong choosing the Audi R8.

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