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exotic car rentals Miami

exotic car rentals MiamiIf you are cruising the streets of beautiful Miami, what better way to cruise in style than in a $230,000 dollar luxury exotic sports car like the Ferrari California. This car has almost 500 horse power coming from its twin turbo V8 that screams the patented Ferrari sound through the cars quad exhaust tips at the rear of the vehicle. The Ferrari comes with a hard convertible top that you can remove and will allow you to have the open air experience of a lifetime. If open air is not what you want, you are in luck because the hard top can stay in place and give you the enclosed touring sports coupe feel. The Ferrari California seats two people comfortably, surrounding its occupants with Italian leather on the seats, door panels, dash, and shifter.  Whether you are leaving the airport or rental car agency in town, this Ferrari California can get you to your destination, but be careful because the car has a top speed of over 190 miles per hour, and can reach 60 miles per hour in a brisk 3.5 seconds.

Exotic Car Rentals Miami that Propel You with Ease and Reliability

You can drop the top on this Ferrari and drive smoothly with the cars quick shifting double-clutch automatic transmission. The good thing about the transmission on this car is that with no manual shift with clutch, anyone can get behind the wheel of this exotic car and drive with no problems. Most exotic cars have limited space, but this Ferrari has a nice sized useable trunk.  That much needed trunk space will allow you to easily carry a few bags for a wonderful overnight stay in Miami, or lug your golf clubs over to the championship 18 hole golf course of your choice. The car comes in many attractive colors, like blue, black, and white, but nothing stands out like Ferrari red and yellow. The colors on this car really pop in the Miami sun, making everyone who sees you driving down the strip take notice, and want to go rent one for them-selves. While driving down the strip, the Ferrari has a shorter wheelbase, making it easier to maneuver in and out of traffic, and also parallel parking this beautiful ride at your favorite café for dinner.

Right Car for the Right Climate

You cannot go wrong with renting this beautiful Ferrari California convertible, if you want ease of use, and to be able to enjoy the refreshing coastal breezes of Miami Beach.  Cruise with the top down, and have the fully digital infotainment system blasting with your favorite music through all the speakers.  You also don’t want to worry about getting lost, and the digital interface of the fully equipped navigation system will keep you going in the right direction, and on to your favorite destination.  So come on down to experience exotic car rentals Miami, that won’t disappoint and will keep your adrenaline pumping every mile you drive.

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