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It’s lunchtime at work and you take a moment to go on your phone, checking out texts messages, social media and you come across some pictures of luxury cars. You know they are being posted by super car rentals of Miami and you like the picture and keep scrolling down. Why? Why did you like the picture and keep going? Is it because you like the picture of the exotic car you saw but you do not think you can afford to own a car like that? Maybe but that doesn’t mean you cannot experience and enjoy a luxury car!

We are Miami’s leading luxury car rental company and of course we love to brag when a big name celebrity rents a car from us. If you see a celebrity walking down the street you’re going to ask for a picture as well, it’s just human nature. But we never forgot who got us to the top, we never forget those who are most important to us and that is you, the people who work hard for their money and just want to have a little fun on the weekends. But we’re not going to tell you about the deals, you can see that. We aren’t going to tell you about our cars, because you obviously can see that. We aren’t even going to tell you about the fun you can have in one of our cars, because you already have a pretty good idea of what that would be like. What we want to discuss is you.

There are hundreds of places you can go to look at exotic cars but you pick us, the leader in luxury car rentals Miami for a reason. The reason is because you know you can afford us, you can afford to rent one of these luxury cars from us and that’s why you like us, check out our photos on your break at work and dream about getting behind the wheel. But you don’t and that’s what confuses us. You already know you can afford to rent a car for a weekend, you already know you want to but you delay because you want to buy a new TV or a gaming console or something. Understand this, you live in South Florida. Right now there are millions of people paying their hard-earned money to get here to escape the cold. They could have stayed home and played video games or watched TV but they wanted to come to South Florida, to Miami, to enjoy the beaches, the night life, the atmosphere, everything that makes this the greatest place to live in the entire country.

You already know all this yet you aren’t enjoying it. Stop playing video games and watching TV. Start enjoying your home, go out and get some new clothes, call us up and tell us which exotic car you want this weekend. This is your going to be your weekend! The weekend that everything is different and the weekend you will remember for the rest of your life. We can help make that happen but not until you pick up that phone and make the call you have been wanting to make every day you look at our pictures on your lunch break.


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