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Looking for Luxury Car Rentals in Miami Fl ? The Continental looks as long as a school bus, but as lithe as a sports car – and there’s no question that it’s expensive. The paint alone is some of the richest we’ve ever seen. Bentley called this one “White Sands,” and they couldn’t be more right. Picture this. You’re standing on the beach on an island in the Caribbean, waves splashing, breeze pulling softly through your hair. You reach down with both hands to scoop up the soft, white sand under your feet. Looking closely at it, it’s not actually white, but a dozen different colors of microscopic, shimmery crystalline pebbles, reflective with light, that come together to make a color most easily categorized as “white.” Now pour that hand full of sand over flowing sheet metal, and you’ve found Bentley’s paintwork. There’s not a single harsh line on the exterior of the car. This Luxury Car Rentals Miami Fl is completely full of curves. From the front, the Continental is low, wide and broad. It’s not angular with aero-work like so many other sports cars, but rather stately, with reserved, yet powerful design. This luxury car rental Miami FL has four elliptical lights up front; the outermost containing rings of LED daytime-running lights, and the inner set used for the xenon headlamps. Those lights flank either side of a massive rectangular grille that looks almost as if it’s made from a finely woven strip of platinum dipped in chrome. And, of course, the wingéd ‘B’ is mounted squarely above the grille. This is a perfect luxury car rental in Miami FL!



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