The Ferrari California isn’t the highest performance exotic car rental in Miami FL offering from the brand, nor is it the most beautiful. But it lays a strong claim on being the most practical–and that’s a wonderful thing for a Ferrari to be. Daily driving and Ferraris aren’t concepts that normally go together, but with the Ferrari California exotic rental Miami, you’d be forgiven for the mash-up. After all, the California’s folding hardtop lets it perform double duty as a near-coupe and a convertible; its balance of performance and comfort make it very well-suited to both a spirited canyon run and the daily commute. The California’s exterior design is, after several years on the market, lagging somewhat behind the latest cues and kinks from Ferrari’s newer models, but it still presents a dramatic, clear branding statement. The long, flowing lines, arched fenders, and curvaceous sides all complement the classic roadster proportions. Inside, the California exotic car rentals Miami FL looks very much like its newer brethren, with a careful mix of leather, metal, and plastic laid out in Ferrari’s typically lush, yet purposeful fashion.

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