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Always looking for that exhilarating ride could always bring you face-to-face with the Mercedes Benz SL63 exotic car rental Miami that you could check for rental at Miami Airport. If you long for that fast drive, you will find out that the Mercedes Benz SL63 is spectacularly swift. The engine power feels like it hits like a hammer that would flatten the cabin passengers into the leather chairs. Exotic Car Rentals Miami FL power is available on high, middle and low in the rev range and can be delivered at virtually any speed and in any gear. Each gear change is accompanied by an aural tickle from the four exhaust pipes with a powerful sound on up shifts and low growl on the downshifts. If you drop a gear or two for a pass at freeway speeds, it will effortlessly kick the Mercedes Benz SL63 past the 100 mph without any hesitation. It’s almost insanely fast for American roads but this is the epic power that this car’s V8 can put to the road. Driving this machine will set your bar a little higher about what driving excitement is and you will no longer look back. So for those times that you know you want the power and the speed, you know that you can always find a Exotic Car rental in Miami at Miami International Airport.

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