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The Ghost may be the most affordable way to get behind the wheel of Rolls Royce Ghost rental Miami, but it’s anything but common. Designed to be a more dynamic take on the brand’s traditional luxury, the Ghost remains one of the most recent additions to the hyperluxury class. For 2014, the Ghost carries over with the same style and power, but with more than just a few new features. Most of these changes are optional–that is to say that they’re all aspects of the endless list of Rolls-Royce personalizations. New 20″ wheels, new exterior paints and interior wood trims are all available. Most notably, though, is the upgraded navigation system, which now has easier to use menus and 3D city imaging, as well as controls that allow the driver to pinch, pull and write on a touchpad mounted on the console. Whether driving the Ghost or enjoying it from the back seat, rich leathers, fine woods, and ample high-tech information and entertainment systems create an atmosphere of success, perfect for brokering a big business deal or treating the significant other to a Prada spree. Our Luxury Car Rentals Miami Fl will provide you with the most luxuries experience in town!

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