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When you are planning your Miami, Florida getaway, make sure you peruse this list of the top exotic destinations in Miami before filling up your days.

A Taste of Cuba

If you desire a taste of Cuba in your travels, then make sure to stop by Little Havana. Kick back in your luxury car rental in Miami and cruise down the neighborhood listening to Latin music, smelling cigar stores fragrant scents of tobacco, Mediterranean-style architecture in the home lines with porches and rocking chairs. Thousands of Cubans in 1959 fled from Cuba after Midel Castro came to power, and made their way to Miami. This area is a true testimony of the American dream and SW 8th Street, Calle Ocho and the surrounding streets are home to the proud Miami Cubans. One afternoon at the shoppes and restaurants lining the neighborhoods is all it takes to experience the full Cuban taste in Miami.

Breathing in Key Biscayne

Known to the locals at “The Key,” Key Biscayne is the serene location you are seeking for a relaxing time. The tranquil air lures Miami visitors in while the pristine beaches lay awaiting beach chairs and towels. Gorgeous views, cycling trails, and two waterfront parks make Key Biscayne the prime spot for your getaway from the typical “tourist” scene. Additionally, visit the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Recreation Area offers tip of the island swimming and a 400 acre park for family getaways. Crandon Park is located on the East side and has picnic and BBQ areas.

Silver Screen Scenes

Are you a movie buff? South Florida offers cinematic fantasies of buff bodies, neon glamour, and quasi-tropical vistas that have appeared in endless movies since the 1920’s. The 1964 production of Goldfinger featuring Miami Beach’s nightlife is just one of many silver scenes put out by the movie industry. In fact, the movie industry has a heated love affair with Miami. Everything in Miami from a gay club in South beach to the Cardozo hotel are featured in a long list of movies, including There’s Something About Mary, the Scarface remake from Brian De Palma, and The Birdcage.

Get Swanky where it’s Swanky

Strike a pose! Although there is a stereo-type about Miami nightclubs being all the same, the swanky nightclub offer nothing stereotypical. Head down to South Beach to the individual and glamorous bar-clubs where you can drink and shake your booty through the hours of the night. If you want to avoid loud, thumping baselines and complex door policies, SL Miami is the place to go. It is one of the newest intimate lounge spots in South Beach that locals and tourists alike are living it up in.

Miami Equals Luxury

If you are looking for luxury and exotic experiences in Miami this year, then let your imagination go wild. You work hard all year long. This is the time to play hard! Indulge yourself and live! Get in contact with an exotic luxury travel agent and a luxury Miami car rental agency for the pampering you deserve on your Miami getaway!

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