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Are you having a hard time figuring out what to do for Valentine’s Day?

Don’t worry, exotic car rentals Miami is here to help you! Guys don’t forget about Valentine’s Day, they just don’t know what to buy so they stick with the three basics: jewelry, candy and flowers. But you want to be different this year; you want to have some fun, not just for her but for yourself too. Ever sit at a red light and see someone pull up next to you in a luxury car? You probably could afford one but you just don’t feel comfortable spending that kind of money on a car. That’s reasonable and responsible thinking. But this isn’t the day to be reasonable and responsible, your lady doesn’t want chocolates and a card from a grocery store, she wants James Bond. Are you going to give that to her.Exotic Car Rental Miami for Valentines Day - Super Cars of Miami

Picture this: You tell her that she needs to go out and get her hair done and put on the best dress she has and be ready at 6 for a night out. She think’s your big idea is dinner at the same restaurant you eat at twice a month. She’s waiting outside when all of a sudden a luxury hundred thousand dollar car pulls up into the driveway. She doesn’t even know what’s going on when you step out in a suit, she barely recognizes who you are. You walk up to her and take her hand and escort her to
her seat. As you shut her door and make your way to the drivers’ side you notice your neighbor standing there holding a cheap bouquet of flowers and a box of candy he got on sale. You take off down the street and no matter what happens the rest of the night you already won big time.

Now it’s a good thing you are in a fast car because you are going to get delayed by the 1,000 pictures your lady wants to take of her man in that suit and especially in, next to and around that luxury car. She is going to blow up social media with what her man has done for her on Valentine’s day in Miami and all you really did was pick out what car YOU wanted to drive for the night and make a couple of reservations. How awesome is that? How simple is that?

How Can Exotic Car Rental Company Help You?

Valentine’s Day is about making your girl happy, but it can also be about making you happy too. You work hard for your money, you work hard for everything you have and you take care of it. Every once in a while you need to have some fun and feel like a movie star. You live in Miami, who doesn’t want to feel like a big shot here? Well tonight is your night to do just that and more and exotic car rentals Miami can help.

You don’t have to spend all your money on some fancy vacation somewhere else. You are in Miami; people pay thousands of dollars to vacation here because they want to spend a few days where you live. Why go anywhere else? Take advantage of your city; take advantage of the hard work you do all year long and for one night feel like James Bond because that’s who you are when you are in an exotic car.

Don’t do the simple and boring, that’s not what this town is about. South Florida is about the big, the awesome, the luxury and that’s why you live her. When other people are battling blizzards you are packing beachwear, when other people are hoping the plow trucks come through so they can get to work, you are putting the top down in your luxury convertible.

Now here’s how awesome we are, we have already told you how to make an entrance, now we are going to tell you what you can do for the rest of the day, just because we care. You’re in a luxury car, a fine work of art and you get to drive it wherever you want. Are you going to go to the restaurant down the street? It doesn’t matter if you live down the street from a 5 star, most romantic restaurant in Miami, find one that is at least 30 miles away that you never go to or haven’t been to in a long time. Order whatever you want, have fun, tonight money is no object, it’s time to enjoy yourselves and have fun as a couple.

After dinner do something simple, a nice walk on the beach, maybe go dancing or something like that. You can rent a nice hotel for the night but if that’s starting to push the wallet a little too much don’t worry, you have already made this a spectacular night and that long drive back home won’t be long enough in your exotic car.

There you go, a car rental company in Miami just told you how to give your love the greatest Valentine’s Day ever without having to break the bank! We don’t need you to thank us, just give us a call and ask about our great rental deals on exotic and luxury cars. You can make this Valentine’s Day in Miami the greatest ever with just a few phone calls, and the irony is you will be the one who has the most fun when you get behind the wheel of an amazing luxury car.

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