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Driving a Ferrari around Miami sounds like a dream. However, would it be fun to drive one every single day? We LOVE Ferraris but there’s some drawbacks to actually owning a Ferrari.

It’s Expensive

Ferraris don’t have very good fuel economy. The gas gets expensive. Any replacement parts and maintenance of the vehicle can also be costly.

You Get A Lot of Attention

Getting attention for your vehicle is nice for a little while. But getting glances daily and being treated like a celebrity can get pretty tiring pretty fast.

Parking Is A Nightmare

Trying to find a nice parking spot for your prized vehicle can be tough. The problem is you don’t want it to get damaged, so you want it to be far away from other cars. This isn’t always possible.

Rent A Luxury Car In Miami

If you rent your luxury car while in Miami you can get all the benefits of a luxury car without the hassle. Super Cars of Miami has most Ferraris you’ve ever dreamed of driving at great rates. Now you can enjoy the city of Miami in style without any of the hassle. We have all of the information that you need including insurance and vehicle operation. Contact us today for all of the details you’ll need to know about renting a luxury car.

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